How to see if my motherboard supports dual gpu

how to see if my motherboard supports dual gpu?
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  1. M05K said:
    how to see if my motherboard supports dual gpu?

    Well what is it? If it has 2 or more PCIe 2.0 or 3.0 x8 or above slots, it is probably SLI/Crossfire compatible.
  2. Specs will state the board is SLI for Nvidia compatible or Crossfire for AMD compatible.
  3. In HWiNFO64 this is what I get :

    Motherboard Slots: 2xPCI Express x1, 2xPCI Express x16

    USB Port Count: 10 ports
    SATA Ports 2 and 3: Supported
    SATA Port 1 6 Gb/s: Supported
    SATA Port 0 6 Gb/s: Supported
    PCI Interface: Supported
    Intel Anti-Theft Technology: Supported
    PCI Express Ports 7 and 8: Supported
    Data Center Manageability Interface (DCMI): Supported
    Node Manager: Supported
  4. Name of your board or computer make and model?
  5. Motherboard Model: ASUS M51AC
    Motherboard Chipset: Intel H87 (Lynx Point)
    PCI Express Version Supported: v3.0
    USB Version Supported: v3.0

    Computer Brand Name: ASUS M51AC
  6. It can't run Dual cards ....Sorry.
  7. Dual cards like 2 Cards running right?

    Im talking about running the 4870 X2 Sorry I didnt said.
  8. No , the board doesn't support dual cards.
  9. But the graphic card only fills 1 slot...

    Where did you saw that btw?
  10. Expansion Slots
    2 x PCI-e x 1
    1 x PCI-e x 4 *1
    1 x PCI-e x 16

    As you can see it fills 2 slots but only uses one...
  12. Best answer
    Your board can support it if it fits in your case , I thought you meant you wanted to use 2 cards.
  13. Im sorry SR-73 Blackbird, Like I said the model was 4870 x2 , I think you though X2 means 2 Graphic Cards. But this one is like 2 card in just 1, so it supports right?
  14. Just make sure the length of the card fits your case , you do have a slot open for it .
  15. Oki doki, so no worries on using a card which is like 2 card only with 1 PCI-E x16 right?

    But yea im going to see. One more question Blackbird

    Do I need to use Antistatic wrist strap?

    Really thank you for your help :D
  16. To ground yourself just touch the chassis before you mess with the card etc.

    You can use a strap , but I don't.
  17. Most cards are double wide but consume 1 slot.
  18. Thank you, so like I said, no worries about using a this model of card which is like 2 GRAPHICS card's only with 1 PCI-E x16 right?
  19. Bake sure both slots are open on the back of the case where you put the card in also.
  20. An example

    Your talking the grey slots on the right? Yea if its not open , I just need to remove it, I have 4 grey slots like that one
  21. Look at the red outline you will need to remove both covers for the card.

    It will look like this with card installed.

  22. Yea but that its not hard I think, it's pretty easy.

    Last question: no worries about using a this model of card which is like 2 GRAPHICS card's one 1 Graphic card with 1 PCI-E x16 right?
  23. Yes it's meant to go in only one PCIE slot.
  24. Blackbird, really thank you for your time and your help.

    Really thank you :DD
  25. No problem!!!!!!!
  26. Im going to buy a new PSU too, an XFX 750w Core edition is it good?

    And a new RAM too, Kingstone Hyper X 4 GB
  27. 650w is more than enough.

    You will need the new psu for that card.
  28. the 750w is like more 10 euro I think its worth, what you think?
  29. If it fits in the case that's fine can't hurt.
  30. Its the same size as 650w edition

    17.0 x 15.0 x 8.6 cm
  31. What's the size of your current PSU?
  32. Its like that one I think, my computer is an M51AC Asus
  33. If you think it can fit 750w can' hurt.
  34. Thats an ATX Power Supply, so it should have the retail dimensions, the modular ones are bigger.

    Correct me if Im wrong
  35. Sometimes but all makes very on the sizes.
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