Need Help: Audio is constantly crashing

For example, when I start up a game it will be stuck on a black screen until I hear the audio adjusting sound-only then will it load properly. This issue also occurs when I am on YouTube. The sound freezes and no video is played. I adjust the volume three times (the third click is when it stops adjusting the sound and completely freezes) and wait for the sound to come back, once it does the video loads just fine.

Specs: Intel Core i3-3110M
Intel HD Graphics 4000
WIndows 8.1
Thank you for your help!

edit: I should note that it crashes after a minute of not being used. If I continue to keep clicking on different video's within the minute it will load fine, however if I watch a video longer than an minute or so it will reboot the audio once I change videos.
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  1. Update flash on your computer

    if that doesnt fix the problem then head for device manager and find the entries for sound devices. RIGHT click and uninstall them all . That s the driver software . Now reboot , windows will see it doesnt have a driver and install a fresh copy .
  2. I've done both steps but unfortunately the issue is unresolved. Is it possible that it may be a power-saver setting that's causing this issue?
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    I dont think so .

    Try another web browser . If you use internet explorer then try either google chrome or firefox. Both are free
    Does that change the behavior of youtube videos?
  4. The issue seems to be on chrome. I installed firefox and watched video's that lasted over 3 minutes and clicked on another-- It worked! Thank you so much for your help!!
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