Windows 7: the user profile service service failed the logon user profile cannot be loaded

My computer was acting up so I restored it to an earlier date. The date it restored to had a password on it and I couldn't remember the password, so I went into the CMD and removed the password. After doing so I tried to get into that account which is the admin account and the password was taken off but when I tried to enter the account it said the user profile service failed the logon user profile cannot be loaded. what can I do to fix this?
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    Try logging in via Safe Mode. Navigate to the current user in Regedit. You will see two accounts, they are just a load of numbers seperated by the odd dash ("-"). The two should be identical, with the exception that one of them will have the extension of ".bak". What you need to do is rename the one that doesn't have ".bak" at the end (Just use an extra digit or something) then rename the ".bak" one to remove ".bak" from it. Then, on the one that didn't originally have ".bak" (the one you renamed first) rename it to include ".bak" (remember to remove the extra digit you added) then restart the machine and try to log in as normal
  2. YOu might have run out of disk space. Boot some LiveCD, and make sure you have at lease couple of meagabytes free.
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