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I am getting my new nvidia geforce gtx 750 tomorrow and replacing my old nvidia geforce gt 610. This is my first time I have upgraded the graphics card so I have no clue on what to do on my computer before and after. I know I have to uninstall the driver of my old gpu before I take it out and I know that when my new one is in that I have to download the new drivers from either the disk or nvidia website. I am wondering if I have to use bios or anything like that because I have no idea about any of that. I have a gigabyte GA-78LMT-SP mobo. Thanks
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  1. Just switch the cards, and reinstall the drivers.
  2. TechCIDLC said:
    Just switch the cards, and reinstall the drivers.

    So I don't have to do anything with bios?
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    Just uninstall the old driver

    turn off and disconnect from the power
    swap the cards
    windows will find the hardware and want to install software . SAY NO
    You will have a crappy low resolution desktop .
    Run the disk that comes with the card
    Once you have a nice resolution again then head to nVidia and download the latest driver and install it over the top of the one you have

    all done
  4. You don't have to install the drivers in the CD, you just download them, and install them.
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