My computer is slowing down after installing window 8.1

My rig:
z97 sabertooth mark 1
Gtx770 lightening edition
Corsair vengeance ram 4 gb 1600
Kingston hyperX(had it for over 2 years)
Haswell 4770k
corsair rm 850 watt

After upgrading window 7 to window 8.1 my computer got slower. It takes time to open up small files. Do i need to get more ram?
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  1. Or do you think ssd is slowing down because of over usage.
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    You could do with 8gb or Ram if it's easy enough to afford but that shouldn't be the thing slowing you down.

    Did you do a clean install of 8.1?

    Did it come up with any error or issues with your graphics drivers? My lappy almost died in the water and would hang on the shutdown cycle because of bad drivers...
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