An apprications that will allow remote access to desktop from laptop.

I currently interested in pen testing and want to experiment on cracking wifi hashes. The problem is that laptops are not very good when it comes to cracking hashes so, I decided I could offload to my desktop. The problem is that is there any programs that will allow me to remotely access my desktop(running windows 8.1)? If there is a program that could do that does my desktop have to be on or can it start it up remotely?
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  1. I'm not familiar with the Win8 SKU's, but all versions of windows (XP and higher) have a remote desktop client, but only certain SKU's include terminal services (allows remote desktop clients to connect). If you can't use windows remote desktop, look into something like TeamViewer or LogMeIn.

    To be able to start your computer remotely, your computer needs to support WOL (Wake On LAN). Google for more information.
  2. Found a service called tightvnc server, allows me to connect to my desktop using my phone which is handy i guess. The also offer a program called "WOL Magic packet sender" that allows to connect another computer to your desktop but, the thing i don't know if it supports Linux. Does anyone know if it does?
  3. WoL is built into the BIOS and hardware; OS does not matter IIRC.
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