Windows 8.1 Unidentified Network (No solutions I've seen work)

I'm trying to get into PC gaming, and right now I am extremely frustrated. I just built my first PC 5 days ago. I just recently received the ethernet cable that I would use to connect to the internet. However, every time I plug the ethernet in, I'm informed that it is an unidentified network with no internet access, even though when I plug it into my laptop, it works great. I've spent countless hours searching for a solution, and I can't seem to find one. I'm running windows 8.1, and I'm more than willing to give anyone that is willing to help more information about my problem. When I go to troubleshoot, it tells me that I have an invalid IP. So i go and manually set the IP (I've had to do this before). Now I troubleshoot again, and it tells me the default gateway isn't available. This stumps me. I put in the gateway that is used for all the devices, and if i close out and troubleshoot again, it tells me to restart my modem and/or router. None of these fixes do anything, and I'm no closer to a solution. I'm about ready to give up and sell the computer, as all my drivers are updated and the ethernet adapter is enabled. This seems to be the most cryptic problem on the internet and nothing that I have seen works. Please help.
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  1. Have you tried downloading the Ethernet drivers for your motherboard?
  2. Yes. I double checked that I had up to date drivers. I also tried reinstalling them, that didn't change anything.
  3. Hi.. I bought New PC a week ago.. i too find the same problem with Windows 8.1..........
    the motherboard i have is intel DZ 75ML-45K.
    Ethernet Connects perfectly in Win 7 & even in Linux.
    I asked the store i bought the PC to rectify the problem.
    They told they contacted Intel about it, and they find problem having suitable driver FOR windows 8.1
    they told me, Perhaps it will take 2-3 months for new drivers to get released, and i would have to use wifi receiver or something else for it..
    (the problem is with suitable Ethernet Drivers)
    I know it is not the solution you would have been expecting, But just wanted to share what i got to know..

    P.S. i would like to know what MotherBoard you have.. just for me to feel better..
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