Would a 200mm BitFenix Spectre Pro fit in the front panel of my 650D case?

Hey guys I am building my very first gaming rig using the Corsair Obsidian 650D. I have heard bad reviews about the cases stock fans and cooling is important to me(I plan on getting water cooling when I get the money) but for now I need good quality fans to meet my needs. I want to put 2 BitFenix Spectre 140mm fans on the top and a BitFenix Spectre 120mm fan on the rear. I know those will work but I'm not sure If the same fan(but in 200mm form) will fit in the front because of the hard drive cages. I really don't want to move those cages and I know that there are not any really good case fans at the 20mm width so if this fan would fit neatly without any modification at all I would be ecstatic. Some people do say there is 25mm of room in between but I don't know if that's true. Thanks in advance
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