computer randomly restarts without warning

hi guys I have had this problem for a while now and it is now getting realy bad I join a game of dayz epoch and it just restarts. No error messages show up once the restart is done and I am completely confused! I did a psu calculator and it said my psu could handle my specs.

my specs are:
gtx 680 zotac 4gb vram
a10 5800k
1 500gb hard drive
custom water cooling loop
16gb ram
550w fspp aurum platinum psu

could my bios and ram cause issues liek this as well

thanks for any help
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    Usually caused by overheating if it shuts down suddenly with no error messages. Motherboards are designed to do that in order to avoid permanent hardware damage from excessive heat.

    Give your system a thorough blow out with a can of compressed air, paying particular attention to all the fans and air vents, and while you're in there check that all the fans are actually working after the blow out.
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