CPU upgrade for HP motherboard 595184-001 DA0AX1MB6H1


I have this motherboard in my old HP G42-230BR with a core i3 350M SLBU5 988-pin micro-FCPGA Socket G1 (rPGA988A) (

Can I use a core i5 or core i7 with this motherboard? Can I use a second generation processor or can I just use processors from the first generation ?

Thanks a lot for your advice!
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    Would only support processors from the same gen.
    Here's a list i actually found through your link of supported CPU's on this socket, mobos would normally support any cpu from same socket (i say "normally" because im only 99% sure when it comes to specific pre-built pc's).

    Supported CPU's for your mobo, click this

    any CPU from that list should do fine in your mobo ;)
  2. Hello NiCoM!

    Thanks a lot for your answer.

    I will take one of these CPUs!

    Best regards :D
  3. Im glad i could help.
    Click the "Pick as the solution" if you think my reply was helpful! :D
  4. Hello, thanks for the advice!

    I did it.

    Best regards!
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