Lacie External Hard Drive Stopped showing up on my Mac, but my partition "Lacie Share" does

I got this 3 TB Lacie "Porsche designed" external hard drive a few months ago for use with my Mac laptop. I created a partition so I can also use it to interact with PC's. It has been working perfectly for months, then suddenly no longer showed up on my Desktop or in My Computer; but the partition "Lacie Share" does show up.
Any ideas on how to fix? and/or possible causes? Thanks in advance! I really don't want to lose all my files!!!!!!!!
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  1. Is the disk appearing in the disk manager (windows) or disk utility (mac) ? Can you show us a print screen of the settings there?
  2. Ok, here's a little more info while I'm trying to get you the screenshot you requested. The problem I now believe is a direct result of me upgrading to OS Mavericks while i had my external hard drive plugged in. Although their official response has been "in a low number of cases this has resulted in the drives no longer showing/mounting and all data being erased/reformatted. Well, judging by the number of forums that are addressing this I'd say it's safe to surmise it is MUCH more prevalent than just a "low number of cases" - I am one of those low number of cases that lost a tremendous amount of invaluable data (family photos, last few years of financials/taxes, personal music and productions for other clients. It is my own fault for not making a redundant backup before i upgraded the Mac OS but I do learn from my mistakes and hopefully some of you can in turn prevent experiencing data loss by having your external hard drive (of any kind) plugged into your computer during an OS update... I'm looking for a direct fix that will specifically recover files that were erased/overwritten/reformatted during the Mavericks upgrade. I'd like to find out if anyone is working on a "dummy-level" data reclamation solution to this "Mavericks update - hard drive erasing" issue....? Thanks to the ONE person that can give a TRUE and accurate solution!!
  3. Did you find a solution to this? I believe the same thing just happened to me. This is horrible.
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