Memory Upgrade - 4 sticks of 4gigs ok? (8gbs to 16gbs)

Hey guys,

I just finished my new build couple days ago and realized my 2*4gbs kit (8 gigs total) ram weren't enough. Im thinking about upgrading to 16 gbs by buying an identical 2*4gb kit model of the ram.

The motherboard im using is the Asus ROG VII hero with the 4790k and the corsair vengeance 1600mhz 9-9-9-24 1.5V memory.

My question is this: will running 4 sticks over-stress the memory controller and whether the performance differential will be noticeable than using a 2*8gbs kit (which runs in dual channel)?

The bottom line is i'll probably settle with 16gbs of ram for the upcoming years before i have to completely upgrade, so i dont mind using all 4 dimm slots on the motherboard.

So my only concern is performance and longevity.

Thanks heaps
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  1. no inputs anyone?:(
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    Well i'm not a specialist but i'll give you my opinion.

    1: Can you bring the 2x4gbs back to the shop and get your money back or exchange for 1x8gbs?
    -> if yes: You should get the point. exchange it for 1x8gbs and buy the exect same 1x8gbs= 16gbs
    -> if no: Just get the exect same 2x4gbs
    with the theorie: if 4x8 (for video editing peeps) works and gives performence why would 4x4 not work.

    Note: make sure you have enough clearence for you CPU Cooler if its a big one

    Keep in mind, this is what i WOULD do.
    I only use 2x4gbs and have only builded one rig myself, i'm not a specialist i just wanted to give you my honest opinion.

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