is my intel core i3 350m processor faulty?

I have a toshiba satelite a665-s6050 . it runs on an intel core i3 350m 2.27 ghz . eversince february i have not been able to run anything for more than two minutes on all four cores without the laptop just going off suddenly (screen blacks out and i can hear both cpu and fan stop running). i have to go into bios and disable multi core processing just to keep the laptop running. is this a cpu problem? has the processor been damaged? as even in single core processor mode i still cant run heavy programs like photoshop call of duty fifa without the laptop going off suddenly. please help.

laptop specs
toshiba satelite a665-s6050
intel core i3 250m 2.27Ghz
intel hd 3000 64mb
46b ram ddr3
windows 7 HOME PREMIUM 64 BIT
part no: PSAW0U-01100G
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    im guessing the laptop gets very hot as well?
    if it does get very hot then
    try downloading hwmonitor @
    Unzip the file. Run the program. Post the results of the temperatures it says under the i3-350m processor.
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