I really need some help


I am looking at buying a new laptop on the cheaper side.

And I am really unsure which of these processors might be the better one for me. I use my computer for broswer, netflix, downloading, watching movies, photoshop and possibly a bit of gaming.

Intel Pentium 2,4 Ghz Dual Core (2020M)
A8-4500M 1900 - 2800 MHz
Intel Core i3 i3-3217U 1,80
Intel® Core Processor i3-3110M 2,4

I am leaning toward the A8-4500M but how do you guys rate these four??

I really appriciate any input
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    If budget allows, dont bother with the Pentium. Its just going to be outclassed by everything else.

    The i3-3110M is going to outperform the i3-3217U, but the i3-3217U is going to draw much less power.

    The A8 is going to have a better integrated graphics than the i3's. Depending on what you do, the A8 and the i3 seem to rank pretty similar with each having its strengths. The intel is going to be better with power consumption, which for a laptop is nice but otherwise they're pretty evenly matched in pure processing.

    Gaming will likely be better with the A8, everything else will roughly be the same between the i3 and the A8.
  2. Excellent answer. So I will be looking for the i3-3110M, but most likely i will stick to A8-4500M as it offers a bit more gaming options.
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