Linksys WAP54G: cannot access web-based setup page

I have a WAP54G (that at some point in history worked as currently configured) connected to a NetGear router via a working Ethernet cable. Lights on the WAP54G are blinking. It has been assigned a static IP address, and it's login info has been customized. Pings to the known IP address from elsewhere on the network answers properly.

However this unit is not broadcasting it's SSID, and attempts to open the web-based setup page fail. No login prompt ever received.

I don't believe that Browser PRoxy settings have anything to do with this, as the same non-response to the web access happens from multiple computers, and these computers can access other WiFi APs on this net.

Power Cycling the WAP54G, and the NetGear router has no effect.

Any ideas?

(If I can't access the web-based setup page, I cant see or change any settings ...)
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  1. sounds like its been hacked if settings have changed on it. read owners manual on how to do a hard reset on device to factory condition and then reconfigure it
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