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At our community center we have an SMC EnGenius ENH200EXT Wireless Access Point. WE didn't know the password a previous employee had set for the control panel, so we decided to reset the AP. after reset, no wifi signal is picket up on our devices, and then i plug it direcly into the laptop, I am still unable to connect to its default ip of to access the control panel. and yes i am plugging it in after it goes through the power adapter. The power and lan light come on when it is plugged in to the normal wall connection to the patch panel. currently with it plugged into my laptop, the power light is on, the wlan and lan lights are out, and all three signal lights are on, red yellow, and green. Any ideas on next steps?
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  1. The wifi shows up occasionally on my phone and the computer. when it shows up on my phone, it tries to connect, then either it disappears, or says authentication error. When it occasionally shows up on my laptop, when i try to connect it says unable to connect to network, or disappears as well.
  2. I got the login screen to come up for a second, then this message appeared in the browser

    [Fiddler] The socket connection to failed.
    ErrorCode: 10065.
    A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable host
  3. That access point is POE (power over ethernet). It could be that the power supply is failing or has failed. It is also possible that the ethernet cable to the access point has been damaged or degraded to the point where there is insufficient power getting to the access point.
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    A peculiar problem. I have one of these and have never had a problem. Kanewolf has a point here.

    If you can, pull the Ap down and set it up with a short length of ethernet cable to see if it is a POE cabling issue. Unfortunately the POE injector is proprietary. But a professional computer store may have them. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong in buying a new access point and trying out its injector, to rule out an injector issue. If it is not the injector, then you need the new AP, if it is the injector then the AP can be returned and an injector ordered.
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