Possible heating issue with notebook?

Okay I got a Laptop (HP-g012dx) And I think im having a problem, Not too sure. I've been playing games on it like Skyrim and Left 4 Dead 2 perectly and the specs are as follows:

CPU: AMD A8-6410 2.0ghz with Radeon R5 Graphics
RAM: 4.00gb (3.45 Usable)
OS: Windows 8.1 64 bit
HDD: 750gb Hard Drive

The fan is a little noisy but not too bad, You can hear it as you press the power button which it was silent a few days ago....

The CPU Reaches about 56 Celsius after some gaming and idles around 45-46 afterwards, Slowly cooling. Im not sure if this is normal for a notebook as this is the first one I actually own, Feedback is appreciated.
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  1. sounds like it's ok.
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    That is perfectly normal. Normally when people game with notebooks that have dgpus, cpu temps usually get up to as high as 75C which is normal.
  3. Okay Thanks guys, This was my first laptop and was paranoid. But now I feel better :D
  4. Yeah, it also made me kind of panic when I bought my first laptop (same one I'm using right now) since the temps were actually going to 90C (that is too high). So I bought a laptop cooler and it wen't back down to 75C.

    I also have a GPU so that is why my temps are a lot higher.
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