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I just installed a new graphics card (ATI R9 290) and wanted to upgrade the graphic card drivers. When I did, my computer rebooted in the middle of the installation and now my screen just goes blank after bios loading and the blue windows loading screen, so I don't see my login screen.

This is mostly due to the fact of corrupt video card drivers. Now I want to access safe mode to uninstall the drivers and reinstall them again, but boy didn't I know what a pain it is to get into safe mode..

I can't access windows so I can't trigger safe mode from there, I have an SSD so the (shift) F8 method does not work, I can't make a USB recovery stick because it's my only Windows 8.1 computer..

So what are my options (if I have any)?

Thanks in advance!
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    you're gonna have to make a USB recovery disk or use your original windows 8 install disk, and boot from that. load into the recovery console from the install disk, and tell it to boot into safemode.

    gotta love windows 8 and it's behind the scenes "magic", you're not the first person screwed by it's "automatic" updating behavior... nor are you the first person to struggle to get into safemode. why m$ changed safemode booting is beyond me, but it is a titanic pain the backside now.
  2. Thanks for your answer! I was afraid that I had to find somebody who had Windows 8.1, but then I found out that I could go into windows boot menu through my bios (start-up options).

    I don't get it why they make it so damn hard..

    In anyway, thanks for your help!
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