Does CPU affect Integrated Graphics

I was thinking about getting a laptop for casual gaming like the Sims 3, or Minecraft. I don't have tons of money, and my max budget is $400. I was thinking about getting this (click this) $380 laptop.
It has an Intel Core i3 with Intel HD 4400 Graphics. My question is, will the cpu affect the gpu's performance, because I'm not getting a processor that can't make a decent integrated graphics card decent. I don't need maxed settings. I'm okay with some things on medium, some on high, or even on low if I have to.

Something interesting on PC I used to have:

Sims 3 1080p FPS is higher than Minecraft 1080p FPS. That was on Intel HD 3000 on an i5. This was on my Sony VAIO All-in-one.

Just to restate the question: Does CPU affect integrated graphics? I think I'll get a real good FPS or around 40-50fps because:
1. It's 720p this time, not 1080p
2. It's a better Integrated GPU.

Please let me know if CPU affects integrated graphics. Thank you. :)
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    I don't quite understand your question 100%, but I think you're asking if the CPU can be slow enough to the point where it slows down the performance of your GPU. The answer is yes. However, Any CPU with integrated graphics will be more than fast enough to keep up with the integrated graphics because all iGPUs, especially from Intel, really aren't great for anything except really light gaming. In other words, that CPU is more than fast enough to keep up with the GPU, however if you paired that CPU with something really high end like a GTX 860m for example, the 860m would be slowed down by the CPU, which is known as "Bottlenecking".
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