my acer aspire 5745 has got a black spot on bottom of right hand.Can anyone tell me what can be done to remove it.

I need my laptop fixed.It is having black spot at the bottom.AcerAspire 5745.I have tried to check if nything can be done about it without data lost.
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  1. Black spot on the display?
  2. yes on the display.I can see what is written behind the black spot.
  3. can anyone help before it turns my laptop down
  4. Don't worry as long as it's only the display your data is fine.
  5. When did it start to happen and have you done anything on the laptop prior to that?
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    Dead Pixel. If under warranty still then return it with a photo showing the problem to them. The LCD would need to be replaced probably. Otherwise, you have to deal with it or replace the laptop with a new one if it bothers you that much.
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