Sufficient PSU for FX-8350 and GTX 780.

I just built my first PC:

MSI GTX 780 TwinFrozr4
AMD FX-8350

Did I make a mistake getting a 550W psu? I'm getting frame drops from over 100fps to 20fps around every 25 seconds on Dota 2, haven't tested other games that much, but my temps are pretty low, even when I'm using a stress test to put CPU to 100% load.

Edit: I'm using a XFX 550W Bronze certified, so yeah, I think it's a bit under what GTX780 and FX-8350 need. Dark Souls seems to be running just fine since it doesn't utilize all cores, but better optimized games get FPS drops. I'll be getting a better PSU, hopefully modular and with atleast 750W and Silver certificate, the cable management with my NZXT Guardian is a bitch. I'll just hold onto this 550W if this isn't the problem, but it really seems like it is.
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  1. Only if that PSU is not certified for that power or is from a generic brand. Generic brands usually advertise the peak power as the nominal power of their PSU, but the real sustained power is much lower.

    I learned that the bad way.
  2. What is the brand and model of the 550W PSU?

    The PSU's maximum combined +12 Volt continuous current rating needs to be at least 38 Amps or greater. If any overclocking is being done to the CPU and/or GPU then add at least an additional 12 Amps to handle it.
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    What brand is it? The TDP on the 8350 is 125 W and the TDP on the GTX 780 is 250 W. General rule is CPU TDP plus GPU TPD doubled or 750 Watts in this case especially if you will be running stress tests.

    Take a look at the EVGA G2 750 Watts.
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