120/140mm fans that provide good airflow but not too noisy.

I want good fans to provide good airflow but noise will not be too much of as issue as I will be using headsets most of the time but of course I do not want it to be too noisy just my main focus is airflow not noise level. So if someone can give me a reliable fan for 120mm and 140mm to provide good airflow.
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  1. For a 140mm fan. Corsair AF140 fans are my favorite.

    For a 120mm fan. My favorite is the Noctua NF-S12A (there is a PWM version available too) It moves a LOT of air and it is very, very, very quiet.

    If you would like a 120mm with directed airflow (ex:for HDD cages, or to cool something directly such as a graphics card), The Silverstone AP123 is a good choice. along with the Noctua NF-F12

    Another 120mm fan you can look at is the Corsair AF120 Quiet Edition. It doesn't move as much air as the Noctua NF-S12B but some people don't like the Noctua look (but you can get grey noctua fans as well).
  2. Do you think the NZXT FZ Series is good? I have seen reviews and they are cheap and good
  3. iXGamerXi
    For quiet and maximum CFM go with the bitfenix spectre pro's led or non led
    Bitfenix spectre pro 120mm fan - CFM 56.22 noise 18.9dba
    corsair AF 120mm CFM 52.19 noise 25.2dba
    Both - same price
    bitfenix spectre pro 140mm fan CFM 86.73 noise 22.8dba
    corsair AF 140mm CFM 66.4 noise 25.5dba
  4. Best answer
    nzxt fz 140mm 83.6CFM 24.5dba
    bitfenix spectre pro 140mm fan CFM 86.73 noise 22.8dba

    bitfenix has more cfm and is quieter
  5. Thanks micky, bitfenix spectra pro is actually cheaper than nzxt too! So its a win win :)
  6. nzxt fz 120mm 59.1 CFM 26.8dba
    bitfenix spectre pro 120mm fan - CFM 56.22 noise 18.9dba

    the nzxt fz has slightly better airflow but at a noisy 26.8dba
  7. you are welcome m8 , i use them and they are quiet and really effective at pushing air
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