Intel Core i5 4670K Motherboard chipset

What chipset will match the Intel Core i5 4670K?
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  1. LGA 1150 - Z97

    Z87 will work as well or any of the LGA 1150 but some don't allow overclocking.
  2. 8x series. H85, Z87. Socket LGA 1150. If you are going for the "K" series you should get a Z87, the Z87 overclock (H series does not).

    Will work with 9x series motherboards, but not recommended because you will probably have to update the BIOS first. In other words if you don't have another 9x series CPU laying around to update the BIOS the two are likely incompatible.

    If you are going new I would recommend the 4690K and a Z97. They are slightly faster, better overclockers, and roughly the same price.
  3. If i go for the Intel Core i5 4670K + a Asus Z87-C LGA1150, Intel Z87, DDR3 1600 will it be good for gaming AND Overclocking?
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    Yes the 4670K is a great choice for gaming. The run hot so you need a good cooler to overclock, but yes it's a good choice. I recommend either a cooler master 212 EVO, Noctua DH14, or a Corsair H100i.

    The 4690k is "in stock" and shipping already... That's what I would do if I was you. You could get an Asus Z97 equal, if you are set on Asus.
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