Upgrade 2700k or GTX 670

These are the two hardware components i currently own and i was wondering which one i should upgrade and what upgrade should i get for the most fps increase. I was thinking about upgrading to a i7 4790 but will that even increase my fps much compared to a gpu upgrade? I play games like dayz and arma 3 and my fps is shaky in cities, 34 to 45 but in the forest its like 70. I have 16 g of memory and a weird hybrid hard drive. I ran some tests on passmark and it says my hard drive is slow. Could this be my where my fps is going?
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  1. i would make it an sli setup. your not gonna get much of a performance increase with a new cpu over what you already have so if you need more gaming grunt go with a second gpu. (new psu may be required)
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    Your hard drive has absolutely NO effect on your fps whatsoever. The biggest improvement that you would get would be from a GPU upgrade, either an SLI setup or get a 780
  3. Thanks for your speedy awnsers, i think i will buy another 670 to SLI. Do you think that or just getting a 780 would increase my fps more?
  4. Hard to say, in some games SLI isn't supported, but 2x 670s would have slightly more power in those that it is. Also the 3GB VRAM is nice if you want to play with AA turned up, or at higher than 1080p resolutions.
  5. I have 2 EVGA GTX 670 FTWs in SLI in a 3770k rig (your 2700k is still VERY good) and it is FAST!
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