Radeon 6950 and Intel i7 920 - what should my temps be and how to get them lower?

Intel i7 920
Radeon 6950 2GB
Two 120 mm intakes in front of case at 2000 RPMs each
Two exhausts at 2500 RPMS each, one on back and one on top

Nothing is over clocked.

Temps at idle:
GPU: 44C
CPU: 47-49C per core

Temps under light load (web browsing):
GPU: 54C
CPU: 52C per core

Temps while rendering full HD footage in Premiere CC:
GPU: 85C at 50% fan speed
CPU: Fluctuating between 65C and 72C per core
All cores registering 100% load in speed fan

I have re seated the stock CPU cooler with new arctic silver paste. I am confident it was done correctly because it did lower the temps about 4C lower than they were before this post. I used a thin later across it and did remove the old paste first. Also, all of my fans are clear of dust and spinning properly.

I cannot replace the stock heat sink (or at least I haven't been able to). I have a Dell 435MT motherboard (no longer made) and even though I know the socket type and even though the three different after market CPU coolers I have tried have my socket type listed, the mounting brackets provided (tried two different cooler master ones) do not match up with the mounting holes. The stock cooler is clean, looks good, and the fan on it runs as expected. It is point back towards the back exhaust fan.

The ambient temp in my room is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is pretty hot here.

My case is the smallest of the mid size Thermaltake cases. Would upgrading to a full size tower improve my temps enough to make it worth the purchase? Should I add more fans and where?

Thank you for reading. This was my first post and I did read all the posts I could find on this forum regarding my GPU and CPU temps. I appreciate any advice you can give me.
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  1. I would say begin with buying an air conditioner and it will lower all your temps.
  2. I have central AC, so buying an additional AC unit is not an option. My room is upstairs and with the central AC set to 74 fahrenheit, the upstairs is between 78 to 80.
  3. Anyone?
  4. Upgrading to a full size could actually increase your temperatures as you would need to increase the amount of fans in your case to keep up the amount of airflow throughout the case. Those temperatures are more than fine. Even when it is under load the temperatures are not horrible and it does not stay under load all of the time.
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