The temp too high for gtx 780ti when gaming?

Hello, I built my very first computer!!
So basically its the NZXT H440 with Corsair H100i (I didn't choose to get the NZXT Kraken because the Corsair H100i was free from a friend :) ) and a MSI GTX 780ti.
I've been gaming (FF14, BL2, Skryim, etc) and the Corsair Link tells me that I get about 55-60c on my gpu. Also, I sometimes get 65c..
Are these normal temps for the gtx 780ti? I'm just worried that I will burnout my gpu and other components.
Also, what are examples of good & bad temps that I should be getting?

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    Those are great temps, equal to my much less powerful GTX 760. I'd try to keep it under 80C.
  2. You're absolutely fine. Mid 80s is where you might be getting nervous with current nvidia cards. mid 60s is excellent.

    You asked for examples, my 670 gets high 60s low 70s when operating alone (its overclocked pretty hard) under heavy load and high 70s/low 80s when I turn on SLI. I don't love the fact that my hot card consistently runs low 80s and peaks at 86 under heavy load, but I'm not really concerned with it burning out the card.

    Enjoy your PC man!!
  3. The temperatures you are getting is within range. No worries there. In the future, use a program like GPU-Z or HWMonitor to measure your temperatures.
  4. those are great temps, my 2 780 tis ( reference) get to 70. if you want them to run a little cooler, make a custom fan profile in msi afterburner or evga precisionx
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