My mouse jumps to my other monitor when i move it to the side of either monitors?

I just plugged in my new second monitor and realized that when i move my mouse to the side of my monitor it jumps to my other monitor like in an old flash game when you move to the side of a wall and you port to the other side of the screen yet it also works the way i want it to when i move my mouse to the other monitor smoothly? any way to fix the teleport issue?
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    I'm not exactly sure what's going on from your description. But, you can right click on your desktop -->screen resolution and change the virtual configuration of your monitors. It sounds like possibly you have the virtual layout swapped from the physical layout (your computer thinks the 1 is to the left of 2 when 1 is physically to the right of 2).

    Personally I position my monitors diagonally (virtually) because accidental jumps from 1 screen to the other drive me nuts!
  2. if the screens or of a different size and your using an expanded display you will get a jump, normaly its cause by a different aspect ratio on the other screen but it can affect 2 16:9 monitors of different dpi's.
    i minimized it on mine by lining the screens up horizontally across the middle
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