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Looking for a good build that won't use to much power, I normally play wow, but my current system has two gtx 780ti's in sli, a 4930k, and about 3 hard drives. I've noticed my power bill going up quite a bit so I was looking to build a budget system that won't draw to much power for my everyday use. I kind of would also like to play wow on it, my current system is really overkill atm, my fps is extremely high because of it. I'm fine with being around 45-60 fps for the most part, so I was looking to build a small form factor system, that won't use that much power. I don't want to buy an i5, I just want something simple like a refresh i3
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  1. Get an i3 and a gtx750ti. Don't overclock.
  2. getting "just" 1 decent gpu should lower your power req buy a lot. you have a high end gpu, and 2 of them
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