Won't boot after bios flash + cmos reset + reseat?

My Asus P8 H77-M only spins the fans continuously after receiving power. The DRAM led blinks once but other than that there's no activity.

To reset the CMOS I:
  • disconnected the PSU
  • disconnected all data drives, PCI devices, and RAM from the MOBO
  • removed the battery and set the CMOS jumper to reset
  • waited 45m
  • reconnected the jumper, battery, 1 stick of ram, and the PSU to the MOBO

Is my motherboard dead?
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  1. what lead to these symptoms (new build or just started doing it?)

    does your computer beep?
  2. Try inserting the motherboard's DVD and starting the system.
    If still no go, an option would be buying a BIOS chip from ebay and replacing the board's one (easy to do - it's on socket).
    What processor using and what graphics card?
    If removing the RAMs, are you getting 1 long 2 short beeps?
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