PC won't boot into SSD with HDD plugged in?

I have win7 installed to my SSD, and I'm trying to plug in a 500gb HDD for storage. Problem is when its plugged in I can't boot into windows. There is nothing on the 500GB HDD, but I think my PC is assigning the C: letter to the drive. Even if I select the SSD through the boot menu in the bios it won't boot, it just keeps restarting. Also the SSD is not listed in the boot load order options under bios when the HDD is plugged in, the only thing that shows up in the option is the HDD and cd rom. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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    Try putting the SSD to the first order SATA port (0 or 1) on your motherboard and then connect the HDD to the second order available SATA port (1 or 2/3/4).
  2. Ok that worked but now the 500gb isn't showing up under computer properties with other drive?
  3. You need to make a partition on your drive and assign a drive letter to the partitions you've made in order for it to be visible in your My computers folder.
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