First time media server build feedback would be much appreciated.
This is the link to the media server build I have made on PC Part Picker. I will be running a raid 5 configuration, and I will be streaming movies and music wirelessly across my house to about 5 devices.
So my question is will this build be able to stream in 1080p, is it to much, to little or just right for the task at hand. If you have any ideas regarding lowering price, better suited parts, or good raid cards for this build please let me know as well. This is also my first media server build and i plan to use plex. Should I windows or is Ubuntu relatively easy to figure out?
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    For strictly a media server thats a bit over kill in my opinion. I have this

    4 GB of ram, a Dell SAS 5 Raid Card with a Raid 0 of two 2TB, and another 2TB. The single 2TB has all my music and User Document files that my Desktop connects too. This way everything is on my always on media server which i also have a VPN to so my phone, Laptop, work PC, tablet and anything else i like can connect to and get any and all my files when i want and even stream over the internet. I have about 5 devices that i do stream to. PC, Laptop, XBox 360 (two of them), Tablet and sometimes my phone. I have some 1080p stuff but most of it is really good compression and low bit rate so they stream very easily. I picked that motherboard because 1) the CPU is pretty good for the job. Most of the time it sits at 700 mhz vs the normal 1.8 Ghz 2) Gigabit lan 3) the 16x (8x wired) PCIe slot. Plan on getting a Dell Perc H310 which you can get new for like 80 bucks USB on ebay and can hold up to 8 Drives (up to 256 though SAS expanders though) Its 6Gbps SATA III, and does all the Raid but the RAID 6 stuff. Have a few servers for clients that have those in them and they are pretty fast.

    And as far as which OS it depends on what you are streaming to. I use windows 7 only because i use the Media Center Extender for my 360 and since all my usernames and passwords on all devices are the same its easy to share out. Plus everyone in my house can access my stuff as well.
  2. Thank you! i knew it was overpowered for the most part but I wasn't completely sure the route to take, this really helps clear it up. Is this about the setup i would likely need?
  3. thats a bit better for just something to stream video. Even 1080p you don't need that much. Do you plan on doing a RAID or no?
  4. Yeah I figured a little extra power won't hurt in the long run if I would rip information and stream at the same time or added devices. And the raid I am having trouble with. I think it might be just as cheap to buy a few external drives and back it up that way rather than buying an expensive raid card and dealing with all that that is my hardest decision by far on this project
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