PC won't boot after a cold-boot unless I re-seat RAM or reset CMOS

Okay, so I plugged my PC's power cable out and then put it back in when I moved it to another room. It didn't boot up (it turned on and all but no display). i reset the CMOS by removing the battery and then re-installing it. It worked. I then used the power cable for my other PC for a day and when I plugged it back into this one same problem occurred. This time I tried a CMOS jumper reset and it worked. Had to use the power cable AGAIN for my other PC. Reconnected it to this PC same problem again. So I figured the unplugging of the cable is what is causing the no-boot. Is there any way to make sure this doesn't happen? Is it the CMOS battery? or do I need to re-flash my BIOS.
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    A no-brainer mate. Start by changing the CMOS battery as it's only a cheap item so not much money wasted if it turns out to be something else.
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