core i5 2500k with out overclock enough for watch dogs

k with out overclock enough for watch dogs or not
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  1. Yes, it is enough, provided that you have a good graphics card (preferably from Nvidia, since the game likes it more than AMD at the moment).
  2. but when i play watch dogs on ultra setting watch dogs not play smoothly what you say i need overclocking i5 2500k and gtx660ti coresir vangance 16mhz 8gb
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    Reduce the settings a little, for instance try high. This game is exceptionally demanding on hardware, to run it on ultra without a hiccup you'd need 780Ti.
  4. i want overclock gtx660ti and 2500k without overclocking fan is it possible
  5. Possible, but not recommended. Your hardware might overheat.
  6. my processor or gpu
  7. Depending which one you overclock. Higher overclock = higher temperature. More power draw as well, so your PSU might also be too weak, depending on which one is it.
  8. my psu seasonic 500w 80 plus
  9. This is great psu. If you decide to overclock the cpu, however, please do not do it with its factory default cooler. Get at least Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO, it is only 30 bucks, and this will enable you to clock without overheating. At least if you dont go crazy and try to achieve 5 ghz. As for the gpu on your nvidia, I dont recommend overclocking it. You likely wont gain much, if anything, but your temperatures will skyrocket, and stability will be worse. Either get a new card or dont do anything about it.
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