Buying new PC parts need help!

I am going to be buying
Before i buy this i would like to know if a new GTX 770 2gb will fit into this?
That is both the bundles i want to be buying to upgrade my PC.
Could anyone tell me mroe about this hardware also? Like will my FPS be smooth? will i be able to run games like BF4/Arma 3 on atleast high smoothly?
If these parts are bad and there is better value for money can you suggest it? nothing more expensive. This is the PC case I am using for those who asked.
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  1. Hm...the bundle is soo cheap it makes me wonder.Dont know your case so i dont know if the GTX 770 will fit,its 10.7 inches(27,1cm)so it should fit in many cases,your GPU is pretty high end,and i think there will be a bottleneck,but if you OC your CPU you will lose the bottleneck.
    If you can buy a FX 8320 and you will lose the bottleneck.
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    sure the 770 will fit, kind of a wierd question... it will fit on any mobo, not like you posted a case to show...

    with 77 BF 4 will run maxed out with smooth 60ish fps... dont know anything about arma, but I would say it will run high\ultra

    people tend to say that r9 290 is the same price as 770 now, but it might be only in america... check your prices...
  3. Didn't know bottleneck term, Now researched it.
  4. Ok checking the price of the 8350 i can not afford that as it is almost double the price on the bundle deals, As I need a new motherboard CPU and ram. My budget for CPU, motherboard, ram and GPU is £500.
  5. teh fx6300 is ok... I doubt it will bottleneck... yeah ok maybe, maybe you wont get 5 fps where you should have, and only, only in some demanding titles like bf4, crysis 3... its realy nothing... heck, even athlon x750 does fine, a little drop in frames with this card...

    buy the bundle...
  6. a 5 fps drop if im getting 55FPS i am fine with that.. atm i am running at 20 on LOW graphics.
    Damn amd crossfire 6850-.-
    With you saying ill get 5 fps drop, I am fine with buying the fx6 bundle which i linked first. if its an extreme fps loss then i will have to upgrade or downgrade the graphics card. but i really wanted the gpu to last for a few years so i wouldnt have to upgrade again.
  7. thats "if" you will have 5fps drop... I doubt there will be any at all...
    the guy using athlon, and it does just fine, untill it reaches past 770
  8. can always overclock that fx to 4.0-4.2 ghz... and np there after
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