looking for a way to run Linux apps in a windows 7 environment like wine and parallels does

simple does anyone know of any linux compatibility layer for windows or similar peace of software for windows users that will allow the use of Linux software on a windows biased system i want to be able to run the software without my normal 4 way boot and the inalienably to install Linux programs
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  1. I do not believe that exists.

    What applications are you trying to run? There is almost certainly a Windows equivalent.
  2. use a virtual machine
  3. a vm will not provide the type of environment i need and there always in need of HT-V to support properly enabled CPU and GPU hardware as well as the limits of the vm its self

    pretty much i want to be able to run any and all of my current linux software apps ad such without the need to boot up a linux box or reboot
  4. also a vm will draw off half of my system and i really dont like that idea

    im looking for something like wine but the other way round
  5. a vm would be fine if it alould the app to run on the normal desktop and so far i can only do that with teamviewer 9 (eats a ton of bandwith though)
  6. Sorry, but that does not exist. There are equivalent applications, or even Windows and Linux versions of the same application (GIMP, for instance).

    But nothing that allows a Linux GIMP install to run in a Windows environment, outside of a VM.
  7. as i said it can be done look at team viewer 9 mixed with ubuntu 14.04 it will run a guest app on a desktop pc runing windows (emulated of course in the vm) but i does it
  8. i just want a work around to runn the app ion the windows desktop (like sharing the app screen) without the need to run an entire bulky vmware windows for example in the foreground (i have vmware workstation 10)
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    WINE enables some, but not all, Windows applications to run semi-natively in a Linux install.
    There is no intermediate application that does that in reverse.
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