blue stripes after logon screen. no Display

hey guys. i think i messed up my AMD HD 7750 card. while i was playing with resolution settings i set a unsupported resolution and clicked apply then screen goes all black with blue flickers. so i cant see anything to revert back like windows does if u press ESC button it reverts back.
so then i used integrated card to uninstall all amd drivers then connected the card again same thing. again i reinstalled all updated AMD drivers 14.4 and connected the cable to card but to no avail the problem is here even. about my rig specs:
inter C2D E7500
4GB ram
Amd HD 7750 HIS GPU
400 Watt Power supply.

anyone faced this before and fixed please help
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  1. anyone?
    and also my CRT monitor supports 1280x720. but when i select it, it gives me blue stripes like no display. CCC causing this or what?
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