Asrock Xtreme11 one Ram Dimm slot not working


I have bought Asrock Xtreme 11 motherboard with 'Gskill Trident X F3-2400C10Q-32GTX RAM'.

mobo has 8 dimm slots namely a1,a2,b1,b2,c1,c2,d1,d2. The problem is c1 is not working. I checked individual ram sticks and they are working perfectly. But whenever i insert any stick into c1, it is not booting up and error code is 'b7' which on manual says 'Configuration Reset (reset of NVRAM settings)'.

I dont understand what that means. Ofcourse I can install all 4 into a1,a2,b1 & b2. But then only double-channel is activated. But i want quad-channel. Currently using it as triple-channel with a1,b1&d1. When i insert last one into a2, b2 or d2, OS just wont load even linux.

Memory model is in their support list. I also tested with another 8gb stick of Corsair Vengeance. That too works in all dimms except c1.

My cpu is i7 4930k with H100i cooler.

Any help is appreciated? Should I rma my mobo?

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    Bad slot I would RMA it.
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