Should I buy an Anti-Glare screen protector for laptop?


I have a laptop - Lenovo Ideapad z500 - 15.6" screen size.

I hate its reflective glossy display. I want to put ViewGurad's Anti-Glare screen protector on it.

My concern is whether the laptop skin will be looking dull or maybe weird colors or something else after applying that screen protector.

Also, will it somehow damage the screen if I ever want to pull it out?
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  1. actually screen protectors can improve colors in some cases.

    there is a review about it you can read here.

    chances of screen getting damage is small if you apply/remove the protector correctly
  2. yeah thanks for the webpage link.

    I can see that even after applying an anti-glare protector, laptop's screen will never be as good as a real anti-glare screen like lenovo z510 has.
  3. I have one more question.
    Most of the usage of laptop for me is reading text/presentations.

    Does a screen protector affect the text? Does it make it a little fuzzy or less crispy?
  4. i read in a few reviews in saying it dulls the screen a bit & makes the text less crispy, not fuzzy exactly.
    I'm really confused about it.
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    To the best of my knowledge, ALL matte screen protectors (and matte screens, too) have an affect on the sharpness of the image.
  6. Yup, you can go ahead.. :)
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