Question about two partitions on preformatted harddrive with new motherboard

I am building a new computer and I have new memory, a new motherboard, a new video card and a new processor. I'm wondering if it's possible to take the current harddrive I have and instead of completely reformatting it, I hook it up to the new motherboard and create a second partition with a new windows installation on it. Would that work or do I need to completely reformat the harddrive in order for it to work with the new motherboard?

Let me reiterate. I want to take a harddrive that already has windows 7 on it and hook it up to a brand new, never used before motherboard, then create a second, blank partition on said harddrive and install a fresh copy of windows on the second partition. Would that cause ANY problems or will it work? I have reasons for asking such a convoluted question, but I need to know if it will or not.
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    Yes.. you can.. but best way to do it.. would be to partition it before you put it in the new Mobo comp.
    So Basically...
    1. with current comp - partition drive into 2.
    2. Change your Mobo/hardware
    3. Fire up PC, booting from Windows DVD (or whatever)
    4. Install windows fresh on the new partition

    This will leave the old windows info in place (except the old MBR will be changed - so the comp will now boot from your new install).

    This what you want?.
  2. To the letter what I wanted. Thanks a ton.
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