Remove bottom toolbar from Google Chrome tab

Pretty sure this is the right sub-forum do post this in. Is there anyway to remove the toolbar thing thats at the bottom of the page? Its the thing outlined in red
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    lol imgur is down :P

    EDIT: back up
    I would say removing that would require someone writing an extension for it
  2. stickmansam said:
    lol imgur is down :P

    Sorry what? What do you mean its down? As in you cant go to the site? I can leave and go back onto it perfectly fine. Is there some other site I can post my pic on so you can help me?

    EDIT: Just saw your edit. Ok thanks I wasnt sure if there was a way to get rid of it.
  3. apparently imgur was overloaded the first time I tired to go on :P

    But chrome has been limited a lot of options in customization these days
    They look out option to revert to old UI, made all extensions hidden by default, forced app store extensions only unless you loaded via devloper mode and had unpacked the extension, made the new page all wonky, took out the recently closed tabs from the enw page etc

    Google also messed around with Youtube far too much as well

    ugh sorry for the rant
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