fps drop on all games! please help

Hi, today i was playing bf4 at ultra at 50-60 fps when i finished gaming I turned off pc. When i turned on and start the game the fps has drop for 20-30. From 50 it was 20. I dont overclock and all temps are ok.. i tried cs go the same from 100-120 to 50-60 .. all drivers are up to date. Please help
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  1. Did you restart again? Do you have backups and/or antivirus scans running in the background while you game?
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    Check if your CPU is constantly under use when not playing games. If so check your computer for Malware. Use Malwarebytes or any other anti malware program. Or just check your computer for malware :)
  3. no its just the game no scans no background apps... I made a quick scan with microsoft essential there was no malware.. when pc is idle cpu usage is 0%
  4. You really haven't given us any details whatsoever about your computer's configuration. What are you running, hardware-wise, and what are your temps (CPU & GPU)? Has the ambient temperature in the room your computer is running in gone up at all? Have you modified any software settings at all?
  5. Temps are ok 50-60 gaming. My pc can run those games... I dont know what happend reinstalled gpu drivers = same problem. Any suggestion that can hold pc from running 100%
  6. Frankly, you're still failing to be anything more than vague. 50-60 what, for what? Is that in Fahrenheit or Celsius, GPU or CPU temperature?

    I wouldn't start by telling us what is fine or not, when you have come to us asking for answers. Give us lots and lots of raw data, and let us give you our opinions, based on experience. Not trying to be rude, but it's like going to the doctor and telling him you know what's not wrong with you. :-)

    Have you looked at GPU and CPU usage percentages while your computer is cranking out low FPS numbers? Is one or the other, or even both, lower than usual? What are the numbers when the game appears to be running at full speed for you?
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