Need help picking a graphics card

Hey guys I'm building my first gaming pc and I was wondering which graphics card is better for running games,battle field 4 for example,on ultra.
The two graphics cards are linked here:

The price does not matter as much but it would be nice to lower the price if they are equal in performance.

Thank you guys
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  1. The Sapphire has more good reviews than the Powercolor and it is cheaper too, I would say go with the Sapphire, they do great video cards!
  2. Thank you for the quick response. I see the reviews are good, some better than others but to be honest I'm not a pro and the thing that bothers me is that when I put them in a comparison on Newegg the Powercolor has a coreclock speed of 1030MHz and the sapphire doesnt have theres listed or doesnt have one, sorry if I sounds dumb still new to this.

    Here is the comparison link:
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    Dont worry, the Powercolor does say it is Factory OC'd but in my opinion those overclocks add very little to the performance, I've never had any card of those brands but friends of mine have had Sapphires and the've worked great.
  4. Wow that's great to hear thank you so much for the help. its going to be nice to save some money and still get a great graphics card.

    Thank you again Minst
  5. You are welcome!
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