Crucial vs Samsung SSD

hey whats better choice vs Crucial CT1024M550SSD1 1TB M550 vs Samsung 840 EVO 1TB both laptop hard drives. And why?

Take into account which has better-

Data protection from loss of data
Working conditions such as hot/cold temperatures

hence overall which is better solid state drive? Ignore the prices for now, which is the better SSD to buy?
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  1. Not sure about the encryption issue, but for every other factor, definitely Samsung.

  2. I love Samsung as in my personal view better because they make all there own stuff including firmware and its all very well designed to work together. Ive had to many issues with crucial brand in the past that I wont spend money on a ssd from them.
  3. wow thanks guys, but would really like a bit more technical terms as to why samsung not just because you've had better experience or hardware from them, for instance what are the reasons why samsung are faster more reliable against data protection and to prevent data loss?

    Is this the drive everyone is going crazy over ? why does it say basic SATA? isn't it supposed to be SATAIII - 3?

    The crucial is SATA 6gbs is that also basic sata?

    Why is Crucial more expensive if Samsung is better? Would have thought they would put price down to match samsung SSD as that is better business.
  4. Best answer,3772.html,3567.html

    here read these and make your desion. why make us do your research when you can search tomshardware for your answers and more in these two articles
  5. Indeed. And in product descriptions, 'Basic' has nothing to do with SATA, it just refers to the type of product kit,
    what other stuff comes with it. There's always a more expensive version that includes various extra bits & pieces
    aimed at those upgrading a laptop.

    If I may be brutally honest here, I think people are unwilling to go into detail about this because misinterpretations
    such as not knowing what Basic means in Samsung's PR allows people to infer you don't know enough about SSD
    tech in general to appreciate detailed answers. If so, and you're not willing to read the background material yourself,
    then just accept what the consensus opinion is telling you. :)

    Like many here, I've been reading SSD articles, posting about them and buying them for use in my own systems
    and numerous others for several years now (I own more than 40 SSDs) and I can tell you that if you want
    reliability, get an 840 EVO. If you want both reliability and the best possible speed (though I really doubt you'd
    ever notice the difference), get an 840 Pro. I only don't mention the 850 Pro because it's so new there's no
    pricing for it yet here.

    And btw, Samsung easily holds the crown for power consumption. As maxwellmelon said, read the reviews.

  6. I cant give you a dircet answer, because im not that expert, but IMHO I would choose samsung, not because I really like it, but becasuse crucial is kind of low quality (for me). But its not that I like samsung too much either, their SSD's have a TLC controler, and, I really dislike it I will alway prefer a DLC controler, and the main reason is because your SSD gets damaged over the time when you erase and rewrite the data.

    However if you look at the newegg's reviews on the item their users just love that SSD.

    What I woulld do (given that im poor and cheapy) is buying an smaller SSD and a big HHD in an enclosure to carry other data.
  7. maxwellmelon said:,3772.html,3567.html

    here read these and make your desion. why make us do your research when you can search tomshardware for your answers and more in these two articles

    To put it simply I wanted up to date information not on reviews that have been on for months I wanted real-time knowledge, perhaps someone has the drive and is technical minded and can lay out the good and bad for me based on personal experience and there always is the fact that because they are technical minded eg/ Computer technician, that could explain it easy enough for the rest of the world to understand.

    I did some research on Tom's hardware and there are a lot of short abbreviations on words such as TLC and MLC have no idea what they are and what they do, and I'd rather not waste time asking what they are when I don't know the time I'll get a reply, so I make my own thread which typically gets a reply fast.

    Thank you for all your replies.
  8. Samsung 840 EVO 1TB with the new rapid mode in magician 4.4 is incredible.
  9. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Samsung 840 EVO 1TB with the new rapid mode in magician 4.4 is incredible.

    Thanks for reassurance.
  10. If I were buying a new SSD today, I'd either get the 840 EVO, or wait a while and get the 850 Pro.
    But as my existing Kingston and SanDisk are working fine.....
  11. The fact everyone really loves Samsung 840 either pro or Evo really is a solid reassurance, which I found out that Pro has a few writes extra than the evo but the pro at the moment only has 512gig whilst the evo has 1TB and the evo is still said to last pretty much 10 years so its not a big loss by then I could get a 4TB SSD. I guess if you had the money and the 850 samsung pro will come in also 1TB state that sounds like it will be the best one in the world, but I'm sure as hell is going to cost about more than £500 probably nearly 1000$?

    Just not cost effective enough for the home user, but for business guess this is why they are expensive?

    Just a thought but if the Samsung 840 evo 1TB costs about £300 and lasts 10 years whilst each year dropping in price and the speeds are really fast still for the home user it is probably a must buy, then why spend so much money on the pro version or the 850 for just a few writes more? Unless the prices are not going to be significantly higher than the evo. hmm...
  12. Old set of posts, but since people are researching on this site like I am, apparently 2 things;
    Make sure your MB has an AHCI for the SSD
    The Samsung EVO has had problems with slower and slower read times on older files.
    Do some surfing, you'll find the problem.
    The PRO model does not have the problem apparently
  13. I believe the Samsung pro evo to be the best SSD on the market, but very expensive. I've been using 1TB samsung evo not a pro but my laptop has the AHCI you mentioned. I'v had no problems with it and its fast as hell and is said to last 10+ years. The only thing that won't last if anything is the windows software, eventually its gonna get corrupt and i'll have to re-format and re-install. I do like how you can format and re-install windows on the SSD like a mechanical hard drive.
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