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I have recently started to create home DVD's ( Burning TV shows and Movies to DVD's, etc.) but I have run into a problem. When I play my DVD's in a computer's disk drive it works fine; it worked in two different computers with two different disk drives. However, when I attempt to play these DVD's on my DVD player, every 5-20 seconds, the video and audio will freeze for a second. This effect does not occur when playing "official" DVD's, aka bought in a box DVD's, it only occurs with the homemade burned ones. I have scoured the web searching for a answer but have found none. I am personally perplexed by this problem, any help would be appreciated.
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    Have you tried multiple stand-alone set-top DVD players? Different makes and models use laser pickups of varying quality and some may just not like your burnt discs. Furthermore, the player may be using a poor decoder chip that is having difficulty if the bit stream coming off of your disc is less than ideal.

    If your player is old, or has been left to sit for a long period of time, cleaning of the laser pickup may be needed. You can either do this manually with a dry q-tip, or pop in an older style, cleaning CD that has the silly brushes glued to it. Sometimes this does the trick. If you use a q-tip and open the player, don't use alcohol or other cleaning solutions that could coat or deform the lens.

    Alternatively, use a different brand of burnable disc, as each manufacturer is more or less, left to formulate their own chemical recipes for the discs they produce.

    Also, test a different type of disc altogether. If you are using discs that conform to the DVD-R standard, and your player doesn't like them, try DVD+R media instead.

    If you are using rewriteable discs, try using non-rewritable, as the reflectivity and readability of the single use discs is generally higher.
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