installing power supplies psu antec neo eco 620 help please

Hi guys,

Replaced an old psu with new one

computer wont start at all but the lights on mobo are on

Ive plugged in the following

Long plug into the mobo
6pin near the cpu
gpu 6pin
My dvd and hds

because the inside mobo lightison does that mean its fault??

I plugged in back fan as well hmm I thought the cpu 6pin main plug and hds should b enougj but no i went plug for plug as well hmm
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    "because the inside mobo lightison does that mean its fault??" - Dunno - what mobo?

    Go though Tom's checklist -

    Post your complete and detailed build.
  2. Crosshair extreme mbo 06 model
    dual core.6000+
    Antec neo eco 620 which will b me missing a plug.I plugged in the four pin . Hmmm not sure bout the eight pin
  3. That's a poor attempt at posting a build - ram, gpu, cpu, mobo - add more detail or I can't help.

    You need to go through that checklist thoroughly too.
  4. Cuz telling u the build is irrelevant... I must b missing a plug. Or faulty psu my build works ive just replaced my psu for my new gpu which hasnt shown its working yet but still should fire up but not boot
  5. OK if you know best, I'll be on my way. Good luck!
  6. Crosshair ezt mobo
    6000+ dual core
    8gig ram
    ide hd 250 gig I think
    500 gig wester digital
    750 gtx ti
    antec neo eco 620
    Dvd writer
    xonar sound card
    shaw case which hated day 1
  7. Figured as much
  8. So - your psu voltages OK? Everything connected right?
  9. Mobo not compatible with gtx 750 ... was dust under the reset. Power connection which I think was the reason not firing up... Im ordering the rest of the pc psrts mon
  10. Good work!
  11. Btw sorry I was snappy was over it .. sure u been there
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