Internet Speed Duplex never stays the same?


For years now I have been plagued by this same old issue of my speed duplex always needing to be changed from 10mpbs to anything other than it...

Different systems, all good up to date drivers and more...
The same issue always persisted for me. That being the main point here, is there any way to actually fix this? I need my 1.0 Gbps networking speed for work and I really can't deal with it being so messed up anymore. No need for childish replies about getting some new network adapter. This has been going on for so long on all different systems MB's/operating systems for years... still the same issue. Couldn't find a damn thing else on it.

Can anyone help?
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  1. I'm not quite sure what you're saying is happening. The default link speed is 10Mb/s, even across multiple NICs and OSs? If so, I'd imagine it's either the cable or the device at the other end.
  2. Yes, and no I mean that the connection speed on the systems always revert to 10mbps and never stay the same when changed to 1.0gbps.
    high end- new router/new wires. (within the past year)

    obviously updated throughout the years, can't hang with the dinosaurs if you want to get things done.
  3. So what hasn't been changed since you started having these issues? Are you using the onboard NICs on the motherboards (which you say you've changed), or are you using a PCI/PCIe card? If it's a card, that might be the issue; use onboard.
  4. Using onboard NICs and also different motherboard brands. still same issue. maybe OS related but even then... this setting wont stay the same... is there some kind of command line I could run at start to have it not track my net usage/speed to auto negotiate the speeds. That seems to be the issue even though it's never put on that setting.
  5. If you grab a Linux liveUSB/CD, does it have the same issue?
  6. Havn't used that nor know of it but em explain the uses?
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    If it works at GbE speeds, then it's software. If it works at 10Mb/s, you've got a hardware issue somewhere or there's something you're doing to both.
  8. Alright thanks that's good enough for me.
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