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I by no means have the best graphics card, its a nvidia ion with 384 mb of vram put into a crappy all-in-one, but even with games i should be able to run, i just randomly lag, i.e csgo requires 256mb of vram, and if im lucky i can play it with 30-60 fps but it usually is with 9-12 fps, same goes with skyrim with graphics mods installed, it just randomly starts lagging, i could really use help
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  1. see if your cpu is getting hot.

    Check the game screen of Game Debate. Put in your pc details and see if your using the best settings and what fps you should be getting
  2. im pretty sure its not getting hot and it says i wont be able to run it, even tho i can run it until it starts lagging
  3. Well then, it's time to upgrade. Your cpu and gpu can hardly run the game, that's why you get such poor fps.
  4. I dont got the money, + its an all-in-one
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    Then put up with it.
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