will a 300w max power supply suffice for this system?

Hey guys! Just recently I bought a pre built system. The system is an hp p7-1534.. It has an msi brand 's 7778 motherboard, with an a8-5550 apu processor that uses roughly 65w of power. Anyway, I was looking to put an evga gtx 750 ti graphics card in it. As some of you might know, this card only uses about 65-70w of energy, and doesn't even need an additional 6 pin power connector! I was wondering if I could run this this card on a 300w max psu, or if I should get an upgrade. I really appreciate any help, and thank you :) EDIT-I forgot to mention it also has a 1 terabyte sata hard drive moving at 7200 rpm
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  1. 300W is getting a bit slim Especially for a crappy hp pc power supply. If it had a HP 450 or a Seasonic 350 then OK.
  2. Think I would run into any significant issues? I'm not looking for any overclocking really. Also it has a 1 terabyte data hard drive moving at about 7200 rpm
  3. Nothing much. Maybe a fire. Just keep an extinguisher nearby and you should be OK.
  4. Lol I hope that's a joke! Any Idea what the combined power demand of my system would be?
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    Up to 380W. No joke.
  6. Hmm I see, thank you very much
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