Can gaming laptop use for AutoCAD? Will it damage laptop? Any suggestion?

Wanna buy a laptop.. I am a gamer. But, now i'm still studying on engineering drawing.. AutoCAD is the software that i must installed.. Can i use gaming laptop for ED? Any suggestion or hints? Or any laptop that is the best for both?
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  1. pretty much any laptop that is best for both. Gaming laptops won't be as fast as CAD laptops - but still will much much faster than a regular laptop for rendering. what's your budget and country of buying?
  2. my budget is less than RM2500 and i'm from malaysia..
  3. could you link sites? I haven't seen any that ship to malaysia?
  4. No sir, what mean is i want to buy a laptop and i'm from malaysia.. I just wanted to ask everyone opinion or idea... which laptop that suitable for gaming and AutoCAD?
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