Overclocked gpu is causing z97 to deliver beep code

I have recently overclocked my palit gtx 780 in msi afterburner to plus 150 ( MHz?) core clocked and plus 150 (MHz?) memory clock and changed the fan settings in accordance. At first this ran fine on my gpu, a bit more noise and heat but the heat appeared to stay below 70 C . Score in fire strike benchmark went from 8576 to 9242 or thereabouts. Then I decided to restart and OC CPU, my i5 4670k. As I have a Z97 motherboard, I used the EZ mode overclock and overclocked it to the settings "gaming/ media, tower fan". I cannot remember the OC values it gave. However I remember it said there would be about a 20-30 percent increase in performance in 2 different values. I continued the boot, then the computer shut down. Then the computer restarted, and I went back into the bios and put the values back to the "gaming/media" one like an idiot. Then the computer shut down again and restarted, and I chose "boot normally" instead of startup repair. The login began, I was given a short BSoD, and now computer will start but no monitor display. Motherboard gives beep code for graphics card issue. What have I done and what should I do now? Fans still work on graphics card.
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  1. How many beeps? Can you boot with the iGPU? have you OC'ed the CPU?
  2. The motherboard gives 1 long beep and 3 short beeps in that order, which is described as a graphics card issue. How do I use iGpu with my system!
  3. Also, I do believe the CPU overclocked in the Z97 bios, however I do not know the oc values.
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    Remove the dGPU and try booting.
  5. Ok, will do. What do you think the dage is?
  6. Ok, so I took out the graphics card and ran the integrated graphics, set the BIOs back to normal and now everything works like a charm. Thanks for the help guys, and screw OCing
  7. Welcome :D
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